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Fluval Premium Aquarium Filter G6

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The Fluval G6 is an premium external filter with comfortable handling, needful functions and extraordinary power. In addition to a strong biological cleaning performance, the Fluval G6 convinces with the unique possibility of using or replacing special filter media within seconds. Without opening the filter, it is possible to influence the water quality in the aquarium within a very short time.

The perfect convergence of beauty, brains and brawn, Fluval G6 redefines aquatic filtration by offering a unique combination of aesthetics and advanced performance features, including exclusive Hydrotech™ monitoring technology, digital maintenance scheduling and Fluval’s Quick-Release-System for direct cartridge access. Offering a 3-stage filtration process for unmatched water quality and available in 2 sizes, Fluval G6 is designed to take fresh and salt water aquarium maintenance to a whole new level. The Fluval G6 includes the Fluval Hydrotech™ Monitoring System – Internal sensory modules allow a microprocessor to store and communicate historical and real-time data (i.e. water temperature, water flow, conductivity, and salinity) via an easy-to-read backlit screen. The screen will alert the user when set parameters deviate from the optimal range. Fluval Hydrotech™ also offers a convenient Maintenance Scheduler, which can be easily programmed for important reminders such as changing filter media.

Fluval Premium Aquarium Filter G6
+ Quick Release System – Direct top access to pre-filter and chemical cartridges for fast replacement and rinsing with no need to dissemble the filter.
+ 3-stage filtration – mechanical, chemical and biological.
+ Aquastop valves allow you to stop water flow and disconnect hosing quickly and easily.
+ Easy prime button starts water flow without manual siphoning.
+ Cast zama locking levers and internal silicone gasket for an ultra secure seal.
+ Double wall construction eliminates motor noise.
+ Fluval Hydrotech monitoring and control system, with monitoring of temperature, conductivity, water change, filter cleaning etc.
+ extra large filter volume
+ energy saving operation
+ For use in fresh or salt water aquariums.

technical data Fluval Premium external aquarium filter G6
for aquariums from 300 up to 600 litres of water
pump output: 2460 l/h
filter circulation: 1000 l/h
pump head: 2.10 m
integrated temperature measurement and monitoring
integrated conductivity measurement and monitoring
conductivity electrode from Titanium
measurement range at freshwater: 10-2000 µS/cm
accuracy: +/- 3%
measurement range at sea water: 20-80 mS/cm
accuracy: +/- 4%
Fluval Hydrotech control system
Filter volume: 8.7 l
power consumption: 230 V/50 Hz, 28 W
dimensions: 326x249x249 mm
the filter comes complete with pre filter cartridge, especially biological filter medium (G-Nodes), individually fillable filter cartridge filled with active carbon media, installation accessories, hoses, inlet strainer, outlet piping

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